ph360’s Shae™ – Virtual Health Assistant – Leading The Way To Improve Personal Health While Reducing Health-Related Costs To Individuals And Corporations


Los Angeles, CA It’s a new world of health out there with forward thinking organizations increasingly turning to third parties to help manage their employee health costs.
Corporations now operate in an environment where there are increasing human resource challenges with an aging population, rising levels of chronic disease due to sedentary lifestyle and poor diet, increased stress levels due to the nature of work, and increased work pressures due to skill gaps.
According to experts from Harvard University and i7 Institute for Innovation and Competitiveness, “personalized medicine—broadly defined as diagnostics, therapeutics, and consumer-level care such as nutrition and wellness programs—is estimated to grow at a compound annual rate of 11 percent.”
While corporations have recently been using apps and devices to address employee health issues and decrease their costs, insurance companies are beginning to also.  They’re offering discounts and cashback offers to policyholders for healthy behaviors as documented by fitness trackers and health apps and by making healthy food purchases.
There are currently almost 165,000 health apps, more than 10 million activity trackers and 7 million smartwatches out there.  While some see success with these apps and devices, many report no positive results at all.
A gap exists between knowledge and application and many people need support to bridge it.  Motivation is certainly one issue.  So is confusion given all the conflicting health information people are exposed to daily.  An app that determines what’s best for an individual, and recommends it in real-time, moves from the realm of tracker to that of health coach.
Personalized health platform, ph360, debuted as an online app that provides an individualized guide to food, fitness, environment, and lifestyle for optimal wellness. Employing scientific calculations of each user’s body measurements, genetic data and health history, ph360 recommends personalized food, fitness and lifestyle changes to support individuals in achieving optimal health.  Shae™ is its evolution.
Shae™ addresses the potential disconnect between owning a tracker and actually using it to improve health. By connecting with wearable devices and then simplifying and personalizing the process, it makes being healthy achievable and much more satisfying.
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