What Our Members Say

Diana Anderson

“After nearly 3 weeks all of my symptoms were gone!”
I’ve always loved to ski and living in Idaho’s gorgeous Sun Valley amidst the pine trees, magnificent scenery and exhilarating ski slopes was my ideal situation.
I’m 49 years old. I’ve been healthy my whole life with no health issues, appropriate weight and only a few grey hairs. But shortly after I moved to the town of my dreams I started noticing that I was getting some aches and pains that I’d never experienced before. It wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle, but as time went by, the symptoms got worse. After a couple of years I found that I had muscle weakness, joint pain, memory loss, mental fog, ringing in my head, sinus issues, shingles, fatigue and constant heart palpitations. I was waking up with nosebleeds, my hands were literally white & rough with dry skin and severe headaches often rendered me totally debilitated.
I went to several doctors, naturopaths, specialists, and almost any health professional I could lay my hands on to no avail. No-one could tell me what was going on with my body or why I felt 40 years older than I was. And then a friend of mine – who knew I had tried everything suggested I try ph360. I’d already tried everything I could research and everything I knew, so one more go couldn’t hurt!
What really amazed me was that the first thing I found out about my particular body was that it shouldn’t live at an altitude over 5,000 feet, nor around too many negative ions (you know, the kind that waterfalls and pine trees give off!) nor cold winds. I had to shake my head at that at first – surely if it was that simple, one of my doctors would have picked it up. But the more I thought about it, the more it seemed to make sense. When I visited my daughter at less that 3,000 feet, I seemed to have no problems and all of the symptoms I was having had started shortly after moving to my the mountains and had become worse as I stayed there.
So I tried it. I went to stay with my daughter – away from the mountains, the pine trees an the cold winds. And lo and behold, after nearly 3 weeks, all of my symptoms had gone. I literally could not believe it. My hands were soft, my joints didn’t ache, no nosebleeds or headaches at all. I felt like a completely new woman! My journey has been quite extreme but I am thankful that I found out the right things and the wrong things for my body when I did!

Julie Peach

“My skin is smooth… my candida is gone….”
For 12 years I’ve helped clear the built-up toxins of processed food and environmental pollution from the bodies of my friends, clients, and also myself. Hello! My name is Julie Peach, and I own Energetic Wellness in Boise Idaho. I chose the Healing Arts because I was the most toxic person I have ever met.  My skin wasn’t smooth, my eyesight fluctuated, my ears were plugged, my hair was thinning, my memory waned, my nails were brittle, and I had Candida issues. All this was happening to a staunch vegetarian who consumed raw foods, meditated daily, and received chiropractic care. I believed I was doing the best I could to rid myself of the toxic waste that hampered my overall health as my energy reserves continued to shrink. I was at a loss until a friend shared ph360, which focuses on family heritage/ethnicity, and your body’s structure, condition, and health.
I was so impressed that within days I filled out the questionnaire and accepted the results. Within 24 hours I began to eat meat, steam cooked most of my food, and eliminated caffeine, bread, sugar, and dairy. At first I experienced a slight headache, a further slump in energy, and some body aches. But I was determined and stuck to the eating and exercise plan. After two weeks I re-measured myself and more protein rich foods were added to my plan.
It has now been two months and the results are as follows: My memory is sharper, my skin is smooth, my color has improved, my eyesight is steady, my nails are stronger, my hair is fuller, and my candida is gone.
I am so thankful to finally have a tailored life plan that is enjoyable and truly works that I now use it to help my friends, clients, and family to take charge and improve their lives. Thanks to all those who brought ph360 the World!

Linda Anderson

“After 4 days .. my hair quit falling out!”
Problem – hair loss….For about 10 years I have had an issue with hair loss, which had been getting worse as time when on.  It also was getting more brittle and dry and breaking. Every day I would have more hair in my brush and less on my head… Afraid i might need to look at wigs.. I knew there was a natural way to address this.  I tried different diets, knowing it had to do with nutrition.  I tried a raw diet, vegetarian diet, sugar free, gluten free,  supplements, herbs, homeopathics, oils, etc..
I was invited to a ph360 meeting. What Matt and Bex shared made so much sense – I decided to try it, as I had nothing to lose.  After four days of eating the way my body needed, my brush didn’t have the hair in it that it usually had. I didn’t believe what I saw, BUT… the next day the same thing happened – my hair quit falling out!!!!  I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!  My hair is getting better every day… I am so grateful and I highly recommend that everyone look at this program..

Lourdes Varas

“I haven’t had a headache in a whole month..”
Since starting ph360 I haven’t had a headache in a whole month – before I would have at least 2 and a migraine to top it off – also my mood has improved a lot – I don’t come home all stressed out and grouchy.

Angie Johnsey

“My energy levels and happiness are remarkably higher”
The most profound difference is the way I feel physically, emotionally and mentally. Just from learning about myself and making simple food changes, my energy levels and happiness levels are remarkably higher. The ph360 system has me excited to make change instead of feeling like I have to make a change.

Patti McMahon

“Ground-breaking… Life-changing…”
The information that ph360 provides is groundbreaking, paradigm shifting, life changing – it really challenges the predominant notions that we’ve been conditioned to believe in.. People are going to be amazed at what they find out. I would highly recommend ph360 – I think it can change our world, and the sustainability of our world.

Our Team