Technology Companies are Attempting to Increase Longevity


Los Angeles, CA  More than 17.5 million people around the globe die each year of cardiovascular disease, 48,000 people die each day from cardiovascular disease and stroke alone. However, the top five causes of death are disease related deaths which are largely preventable through lifestyle adjustments and healthy living.
Technology companies are attempting to address mortality head on by coaching men and women on regime choices that impact well-being, which can potentially extend life. One new application in the long list attempting to increase longevity is called Shae™ , a health tool focused entirely on being well through lifestyle choices. This new virtual assistant works on smartphones and is designed to track a user’s well-being and make suggestions to improve habits in helpful ways unique to each person.
Other similar software assumes everyone of a certain weight or activity level is the same. The new Shae™ tool recognizes that each person has a unique biotype. The app works in conjunction with wearables, but also analyzes each “phenotype,” which allows it to take into account genes, environment, and activities, as well as eating and sleeping patterns to deliver personal recommendations on various aspects of a user’s life.
“Everyone is born with a blueprint in their genes, but what is important to everyday health is how those genes are activated. Habits and food choices affect gene expression, as well as exercise, stress, climate and other factors.” says app designer Matt Riemann.
Shae™ uses specific scientific data that is relevant to its users and parses that information to lead them to the happiest and healthiest individual lifestyle. Shae™ uses more than 10,000 data points and more than 500 algorithms to calculate what advice to offer. It offers suggestions that lead to an optimal lifestyle.
To activate Shae™, the user inputs his or her data in a multiple-choice questionnaire on the website, which is the health information network that is a data repository for Shae™. This includes anthropometric body measurements taken with a tape measure and questions about current lifestyle, history and ancestry.
With a subscription to ph360, and access to a calendar app, Shae™ can give users nudges about when and how to exercise, when to take a break and visit friends, or when to make a meal.
ph360 is a company whose mission is to improve the way health is understood worldwide. Shae™’s debut is planned for  September, 2016.