Personalised Medicine & Epigenetics: from research to practice

As a trusted colleague, we are excited to invite you to the ph360 Professional Series conference – the 4th International and the first in Australia. As you may know, ph360 and the Ultimate Human Foundation have a clear Vision of eliminating chronic disease and pain by the year 2050. In order for us as a health community to achieve this, we know that the gathering of minds with a focus on new and innovative strategies is a must. We look forward to seeing you at the conference in Sydney.

What is personalised medicine and healthcare?

Personalised medicine is using the latest scientific and clinical research, tools and technologies to identify the unique genetic and epigenetic protective factors and risk factors of each individual. Understanding this allows us to provide evidence based modifications of these factors to prevent and reverse disease states.  Over the last 2 decades, technology and health research has developed to a point where truly individual recommendations are now possible.
Significant changes in the landscape of both health research and clinical practice are being driven by consumer demand for more personalised management, and the technological advancements allowing the application of genetic based integrative lifestyle medicine. In the coming years, this level of management will be an expected standard of care of clinicians and major focus for research.
The ph360 Professional Series has been designed for medical practitioners, clinical and public health researchers and advanced integrative health practitioners. Over the 3-day weekend, you will further your understanding in the following areas:
  • Systems biology and interaction with genetics and epigenetics
  • Signs, symptoms, biomarkers and phenotypic interpretation in the context of genetics
  • Advanced clinical reasoning & diagnostics
  • Use of the latest technology in health sciences for prescriptive personalised medicine
  • Genetic variations and their response to environmental factors
  • Ancestry, genetics and epidemiological considerations for practice and research
  • Critical epigenetic variables influencing health research in humans
  • Research for personalised medicine: the new paradigm
Spend time with some of the foremost authorities in the application of personalised medicine. Benefit from the wealth of knowledge spanning from relevant ancient medicine practices to the most advanced use of genetics, epigenetics and biotechnologies.


Have your specific questions answered through a combination of stimulating scientific lectures, live Q & A, and advanced clinical case studies.