Intro to Personalised Medicine and Epigenetics for
Medical Professionals and Health Researchers

October 12-14, 2018
University of Queensland

What are Personalised Medicine and Epigenetics?

Personalised medicine is, firstly, the recognition that each individual patient or participant is unique. Epigenetics literally means ‘on’ or ‘around’ (Epi-) the genes, and describes the interaction of changes in the environment in context with the genes of the individual. Having an understanding the interplay between genetics, epigenetics and other related areas of health science allows the accurate differentiation in interventions required for the same disease in 2 individuals with different aetiologies. Furthering this, it gives insight into how treatment strategies will evolve and change for the same individual over time.
ph360 is the world’s first platform to harness the use of this information to create usable outputs for individuals. The technology uses data points from 15 areas of science including: genetics, epigenetics, endocrinology, phenotypology, chronobiology, neuropsychology, nutrigenomix, ancestry & lineage, semeiotics, exposomics, geomedicine, ayurveda, traditional chinese medicine, anthropometry and embryology. Collating this information using a systems biology approach allows accurate quantification of phenotype, genotype and informs specific recommendations based on the individual’s current health in the context of their genetic expression.

Who is this science for?

The application of this science is designed for health professionals and researchers who are wishing to create more targeted and effective interventions for individuals or population health. Currently, the platform is being used for cutting edge research within University research programs, and in the field by Leading Functional Medicine and Integrative Practitioners, General Practitioners, Allied Health professionals, personal trainers and health coaches. The application of this information allows fast, accurate and reliable communication of personalised health to both the individual and the practitioner.

What to expect when using this information.

The platform allows fast assessment and measurement of phenotype, and using extensive evidence based algorithms, provides detailed information on guidance in the areas of nutrition, fitness, psychology, psycho-sociology, environment and chronobiology.
The information provided allows medical and health protocols to include optimal timing for sleep, food consumption, physical activity, and cognitive function. In addition, the platform changes as the individual changes, i.e. as digestive/metabolic conditions, present or dissipate, the recommendations change accordingly, providing fast and accurate advice that evolves with the individual.
The most common results recognised by clinicians include: improvement in metabolic markers of disease, improvements in sleep quality, cessation of digestive issues, significant reductions in joint pain, stabilisation of mood, and reductions in the need for medications in well monitored individuals.
Clinical researchers are likely to observe: predictable differentiation in the response to treatment, improved stratification of populations within studies based on phenotypology, more accurate assessment of an intervention’s efficacy, and the genotypes for which those interventions will be most appropriate.
In order to make the information available to health professionals, ph360 host training conferences for health professionals at all levels.
Level 1Personalised health for personal trainers and health coaches
Level 2Personalised health for allied health and other undergraduate level health professionals
Level 3Personalised health for Medical professionals and clinical researchers
The pathway to becoming a personalised medicine expert is a simple process of:
Step 1: Attending the training workshop that corresponds with your level of expertise
Step 2: Becoming familiar with the delivery of personalised medicine through the ph360 platform
Step 3: Participating in the specialised continual professional development designed to further your knowledge and application of personalised medicine
If you would like to learn more about personalised medicine, and how current health professionals are applying it in practice currently, you can: