ph360 Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Mobile Platform Named Shae™, Meets 100K Campaign Goal in under 48 Hours


Revolutionary health technology has all the answers – just like Googling your body.
Los Angeles, CA Google has become the answer to all questions, the essential information resource and the online shopping mecca that anyone with a smartphone can access for information, data and merchandise.
Shae™, the evolution of the world-renowned ph360 personalized health platform, is all that for the body, the self, the individual.  It’s complete life-science technology using big data and deep learning to offer personalized health recommendations.
As ph360 developer and founder, Matt Riemann explains “Employing scientific calculations of each user’s body measurements, genetic data and health history, ph360 provides a series of food, fitness and lifestyle recommendations and insights customized just for you and designed to deliver optimal health.  It’s practical, actionable lifestyle wisdom personalized just for you.”
Reported results of this platform include everything  from extreme weight loss to the end of migraines, insomnia, skin problems, digestive issues, control of autoimmune disorders and even  reducing negative effects from treatment of serious illnesses like cancer.  It’s purported to be the health tool with the most potential to reverse the chronic disease epidemic.  It utilizes food, fitness and lifestyle as medicine.  With no reported side effects.
Shae ™ leverages that platform, integrating today’s technology and making it mobile – putting it in the palm of one’s hand.  Shae ™ will:
  • Recommend the specific foods that are the absolute best fuel for that specific person and provide delicious, tested recipes using those particular foods or suggest nearby restaurants that serve recommended foods.
  • Recommend the very best exercises for the individual’s  fitness goals and specific body type, the ideal time of day to exercise and best sports to play.
  • Integrate with wearable devices, compare it with other data gathered during the day and provide real time updates and preventative advice based on this data and the tendencies of the individual’s body.
  • Provide a schedule optimizer based on a person’s own body rhythm to help you minimize stress, increase productivity, improve sleep and just be happy.
It’s important to note that Shae™ is for healthy people too. With ph360 and Shae™, individuals can fuel themselves with the right things to improve vitality, digestion, sleep quality, energy, thought function and appearance.
Shae™’s kickstarter campaign can be found here and features offers from $10.
For more information about Shae™ and see Media interviews with personalized health expert Matt Riemann available through [email protected].