Redefine Your Success.
Look Good. Feel Great.
Love Life.

ph360 is an online app that calculates
personalized health advice just for you.
ph360 tells you the best foods and lifestyle choices
for you to be at your healthiest! So you can:

Look Good.

Have clear skin, release excess fat and see your natural, perfect body shape shine through.

Feel Great.

Experience good sleep, smooth digestion, a clear mind and more energy.

Love Life.

Engage with a like-minded community, rediscover your passions and live life to the full.

It's not just an app's a Revolution

ph360 is not just an app. It’s the beginning of a movement to change the way we see health.
We are here to personalize advice for individuals around the world so that we can all be happy and healthy together.
It all starts with each one of us.. it starts with YOU!

How does ph360 work?

Your app starts with a health test including measures of your unique body and questions about your health history, genetic lineage, environment and lifestyle. Over 10,000 data points are captured during this process, and this data is then used to calculate your current state of health and corresponding health advice.

It takes 30 minutes to set up your profile and take the initial test and 8-30 minutes each time you want to update (unlimited updates included).

Personalized for You.
ph360 gives you practical, actionable & specific lifestyle wisdom.

Foods to Eat

Over 700 food items ranked for your health and wellness.

Thought Explainer

Up to 24 specific insights into your neurotransmitters, hormones, and thought processes.

Vacation Planning

Plan vacations according to your Body Profile and circadian rhythm. Discover the time and place to go for rapid rejuvenation.

Social Compass

Discover the social interactions that will energize you, and those that will drain you.

Unlimited Updates

Update any time to keep your personalized plan current.

Easy Guide

Step-by-step video guide to taking your measurements, and error recognition for large mistakes.

Powerful Data

10,000+ data points and 500+ physical measurement ratios calculate your unique Body Profile.

Environmental Insight

Learn 6+ specific environmental components most influential for your health.

Smart Learning

When you give feedback, your PH360 learns more about you, and modifies advice accordingly.

Skill Calculator

Target up to 18 natural talents so you can tailor your career to suit you.

Visual Tracker

Track your progress – BMI, BFI, water content, lean muscle mass, fitness index, weight, and measurements represented in a simple visual graph.

Personalized Fitness

Exercises designed for your body, with 1000+ to choose from.

ph360 members report improvements in their weight, sleep, stress, digestion and pain levels in as little as a few days to a few weeks, depending on their current health status.
“ph360 is not a diet – it’s so much more! It’s all tailor made for you. I lost 30lbs in 2 months, I’ve been following the workouts and the food, but I changed some other things in my life that really helped too. I’m running longer, I can do more reps, more sets – I look good, I feel good. ph360 will make you believe in yourself.” Paul, Las Vegas USA

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ph360 changes as you change

Your body changes from day to day. You lose weight or gain it, your hair or nails become brittle, you get pimples, they go away, you get flaky, you get oily – you are constantly changing. So why would your health plan stay the same?
As you update your data in ph360 – like the condition of your hair, skin, where you live, your work, your travel, and the shape and measurements of your body – ph360 recalculates your recommendations. Always have access to the most current lifestyle and diet for your body!

Who is ph360 for?

ph360 is accessible and available for everyone and is recommended for those who want to achieve their best level of health and happiness.

It’s also perfect for those who just want to make a couple of the right changes and feel good enough to enjoy life again.


Discover your HealthType FREE

Take the HealthType test now and find out how you can get started by personalizing your health to your HealthType.

What’s the difference between ph360 and the HealthType test?
The HealthType test is ph360's baby sister - a quick, fun test that gives you a 15 page report covering food, fitness and lifestyle advice based on your HealthType, just one of the calculations that ph360 uses to deliver your Personalized Health Code!
ph360 uses more thorough and detailed questioning for the information it needs to calculate your health code: specific advice for your unique body.
Take the HealthType test now FREE >>

It's personal..

ph360 tells you what your body needs right now, not just some generic diet or lifestyle program. It calculates a precise food plan, exercise guide and lifestyle choices for your unique body and mind that you can access from any connected device. You can then follow this simple advice to look good, feel great, and love life!