PH360 Hangouts & Classes

PH360 Hangouts & Classes are online webinars where you can enjoy interactive, small group coaching that is completely affordable and tailored specifically for you!
Using our webinar platform, you can ask questions, suggest items from your profile and learn a whole host of skills to help you easily incorporate PH360 insights into your everyday life!

Specialized Hangouts and Practical ClassesWhat’s The Difference?

Specialized Hangouts are tailored to you and your profile. Get your specific profile questions answered in a small group coaching environment!
Speciality Classes are focused more along the lines of a practical demonstration, for example Cheesemaking! Where you can ask questions and learn as interact throughout the class!
Specialized Hangouts and Practical Classes are completely for YOU. To get the level of support you need to allow you to live and happy and healthy life! If there is a specific area of your profile you’d like to see a Hangout or Class for, please email us with your suggestion!

5-Pack Specialized Hangouts

Our first series of 5 Specialized Hangouts gives you focused support for more than just your foods! Discover small group coaching to help you start to incorporate 360 degrees of health!
When are the Specialized Hangouts?
The Specialized Hangouts are 1-hour each and take place on Mondays with 3 convenient options to choose from!


  • Option 1: 10am (PDT)
  • Option 2: 4pm (PDT)
  • Option 3: 10pm (PDT)


How do I get started?
1. Purchase your 5-Pack of Specialized Hangouts at the link below
2. Choose the option you’d like and register for the series
3. Hangout!

What’s in the Specialized Hangouts..?

Take a sneak peek at what’s coming up in our first series..!
Scrumptious Substitutes
Scrumptious Substitutes takes care of finding alternative options when your favourites are on your frownie list. Do you have a favorite recipe that you’d still love to make? Are you struggling to come up with a way to keep the family happy as well as healthy? Discover helpful hints and techniques like substitutes for using oil in cooking,  salt in your seasoning, protein in your meals.. And because it’s a small group coaching, you have the opportunity to get specific help with your current profile on the spot!
Personal Palace 
Ever wondered how those home and garden stylists change settings like they do their clothes? Learn simple tips and tricks to transform your ‘place’ into your ‘palace’ tailored specifically for you using your PH360 insights!
Stress-Less Socializing
Utilising PH360 in a social capacity – so what happens when you want to go for dinner with your friends? Or if your ideal relaxation is completely different to your partner?   Or what if your power hour means you can’t sit around at lunch – you need to be exercising? Easy ways to integrate PH360 into your life without feeling the compromise
Finding Flow
Are you using your natural talents every day in every way?  This Hangout will walk you through 3 steps to clarifying how you CAN be in flow with your natural talents in work, school, retirement and play!
Sneaky Snacks
Sneaky Snacks will show you just how fun your PH360 Food list can be! There are so many options on your list that are hiding – simply waiting for you to grab them and turn them into a snack! Discover ways to create snacks that are tasty, super simple and healthy for you! Have your username and password ready to explore!

Practical Classes

The Practical Classes listed below are being scheduled now and will be available very soon!
Join our closed Facebook Group or subscribe to our YouTube channel for upcoming dates! Or why not bookmark this page so you can come back and visit any time!
Sublime Smoothies
This is your one-stop-shop for making the most of smiley smoothie recipes! From start to finish, we’ll show you how to create smoothies you’ll love from YOUR profile! Bring your username and password and all your smiles for this fun smoothie bonanza!
Delectable Dressings & Sauces
How to add a burst of flavour without all the frownies!  Are you having trouble finding tasty alternatives to oil based dressings…? Or simply want some fresh new flavours to mix things up? Discover simple ways to create huge variety in your salads and vegetables by using sauces and dressings personalized with your smileys! Just topping it off with some extra optimal health! 🙂
Sweet Sensations
Is there such a thing as a healthy sweet..? Of Course! And it’s just waiting for you to discover it! Join us and learn to make simple, sweet options that are healthy for you! From ice creams and gelato to puddings and cookies – it’s all about technique and once you have that, you can make any favours you like to satisfy your sweet curiosity!
No-Go Grains
Does going without grains seem like hard work? Well breathe a sigh of relief because now you can learn a myriad of ways to create a smiley meal that will fill you and your family up – without thinking twice about the missing grains! Learn simple preparation methods you’d never even thought about using vegetables, nuts and seeds to give you that feeling of being satiated without the slump!
Beautiful Breakfasts
No eggs? No cereal? No toast? Are you struggling to find a tasty breakfast? Join us and discover the multitude of options that step outside the boundaries of breakfast “as we know it” and into the realm of the wonder meal! Start your day with a tasty, nutritious meal, specifically for your body to jump into every day, already filled with health!
Seaweed Secrets
If you have never used seaweed, then this hangout is for you! Discover easy ways to prepare, cook and eat seaweed with relish! This hangout will discuss several types of seaweed and handy ways to incorporate them into your meals and snacks – helping you get the nutrients you need right now!
Cheesy Grins
Have you been searching for cheeses that only contain ingredients on your smiley list? Well, we’re about to put a sig smile on your face! :)Join us in this hangout where you can learn to make cheese from any type of milk on your dairy list – almond milks, cashew milk, rice milk, you name the milk, we’ll show you how to turn it into a magnificent tasty treat!
Old Reliable
Do you have a fall-back recipe that you can always cook and always please everyone at dinner? Learn 6 easy “Old Reliables” that you can use with ANY 5 smiley ingredients! You’ll never be stuck for a healthy, simple meal again!
Oats Bonanza
Have you lately rediscovered Oats? Whole, Steel Cut, Rolled Oats, Oatmeal… if you happen to have high smileys for Oats, you’re in luck! Such a versatile food for sweet, savoury and snacks! Learn a multitude of ways to incorporate Oats into your meals for that feeling of Oaty goodness..!