Parenting 360

A personalised approach to understanding your unique child.

Thank you for considering the Pilot Parenting360 Program.

You are personally invited to participate with a group of 15-20 other parents in the ph360 pilot parenting course called Parenting 360: A personalised approach to understanding your unique child.


This page simply gets you started. The course will explore the unique differences of each family member and be a platform to discover the science and medicine behind ‘why’ we each live life the way we do. For more details on the course at this stage, please refer back to your Invitation Letter.
If you are committing to being a part of the Pilot program, please follow the three simple steps below.

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2. Get your 18 week membership to ph360 for $47 (valued at $260) Get your ph360
3. Add the Course Dates to your calendar!

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Our Social Mission

For People

It is our mission to educate, inspire, and empower people to take ownership of their health and their lives. Through ph360 & Shae, we provide people with the necessary knowledge and tools to create personal health and well-being effortlessly, resulting in happy, healthy people everywhere.

For Science

In collaboration with scientists and researchers from universities all over the world such as Stanford University, Ohio University and the University of Queensland, we are leading cutting-edge investigations to advance the study of epigenetics and personalized health.

For The World

We are committed to sharing the latest discoveries in science and medicine through education including courses for health practitioners and medical professionals. Our partnerships, spanning many industries and disciplines, focus on meeting the needs and challenges of global populations.