The Cure Is..?

Find our how you can activate your innate healing capacity and bring about great change in your life by knowing what’s right for you.

Watch The Cure Is…? full length feature film with Bruce Lipton, Bob Procter, Marianne Williamson, Matt Riemann and leading health experts from around the world.

A note from David Scharps, Creator of The Cure Is..?

Hi Everyone, I’m David Scharps. I’m the creator of this film and I want to thank you for watching.
It was my passion to bring you the information that could change your life – SO many of us are stuck in our minds, stuck in our beliefs and stuck in our health and I wanted to show the world that there is a way out. There is a way to change your health, and your life – without the need for drugs and for surgery..
What has challenged me the most after making this film is how will I help everyone when each person’s needs biological and emotional needs are different?
We have been giving our film away to hundreds of thousands of people and so many people have asked us:  Where do we go from here? What do I need to do to take back control over my health?
How do I access that innate power, that in-born healing capacity – where I can heal myself?
You see what I have learned is that everybody has a unique body, unique beliefs system, unique nutritional requirements, unique exercise requirements and much more that makes us who we are…
As an example and contrary to what you read every day, you cannot apply everything you hear about nutrition because your genetic history is unique to you and your body has special requirements based upon this.
It is not one size fits all.
I never thought that when we started making this film that I would actually be able to offer you a solution to do it yourself… This is the power of technology, the power of our research –
Now I know that all we need is a little direction, some guidance, and now, this guidance is available for you!
You saw Matt Riemann in the film. Matt is a world-renowned health expert and highly respected healer who was faced with a terminal illness many years ago. Since being diagnosed, he and his team of international specialists have spent their time developing the most cutting edge set of transformative health tools you can ever dream of.
He is living proof it works, he is still alive.
I want you to meet Matt Riemann again……
Thanks David – it’s true – each one of us is explicitly unique and our current one-size-fits-all approach to health just isn’t working for us…
There are more diet books and more self-help books than ever on the shelves but we’re NO healthier than we’ve ever been…
Maybe you have no energy, can’t sleep, or have brain fog… maybe it’s difficult to lose or gain weight… maybe you are depressed, or live in pain or suffer from chronic disease… and you feel frustrated or confused or like you’ve just tried everything…
Well if you do feel like this, you’re not alone… 80% of people on the planet have some kind of pain or disease, or they’re tired or just don’t feel good most of the time..
We understand that when you’re tired or you don’t feel good – that your relationships suffer and your work becomes hard, your everyday life becomes a drag.. we get it.
The problem is we each have our own unique gene expression that respond to our epigenetics and NO-ONE has been addressing that for you so far.
We are so very grateful to operate a global non-profit called the ultimate human foundation, whose mission is to eliminate all chronic pain and disease by 2050. We have 35 years remaining and our international team has spent the past 10 years working out how to measure our genes in action and quantify the epigenetic factors that can determine optimal health for each individual. We call it personal health from a 360 perspective, or ph360. Essentially, it’s a software that allows your body and your genes to talk to you. And it’s available now.
With this program, ph360 addresses ALL your epigenetic factors 100% personalized to you.
The right food to eat, the best exercise to do, where to go on vacation, how to start understanding your mind and addressing those beliefs that you have… saving relationships and changing your life.
From nothing more than a few measurements and completing a questionnaire. No blood or dna samples required anymore.. Crazy isn’t it – but that’s where our brilliant minds and today’s technology has landed us..
Now, you can feel empowered to take on your health and your life.
Pain free, healthy, sleeping well, vibrant energy, perfect digestion, confidence and longevity…
You now have the choice. Choose to take control of your health and your body, because it’s the only one you’ve got. And we’re so very grateful to be able to assist in empowering and supporting you on your own personal health journey.
So go ahead – click the link to your right and take the first step to become a truly empowered version of you.
Take charge of your health, and live your ultimate life.
We are so glad to be able to support you on your journey to full health and vitality