Live Your Purpose
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In this Life Mastery Training you’ll discover…
  • Your personal destiny is encoded in your genes at birth
  • How you can optimize your DNA to your advantage
  • That you are unequivocally unique and have a special mission to accomplish
  • Your cells are designed to fulfill your intentions
  • How your epigenetics can be optimised to live to your full potential
  • An easy way to eliminate fear, doubt and non-supportive beliefs around living your purpose
  • That it’s possible to live the life you were born to lead
  • Your purpose is not what the media would have you believe


Matt is a business leader, speaker, author, educator and leading expert in Personalized Health, Personalized Spirituality and Living your True Purpose.

Entrepreneurial by nature, Matt uses strong intuition with a solid grounding in strategy, leadership, epigenetics and social responsibility, founded and built over 5 successful businesses in the past 10 years. He is also Founder of the Ultimate Human Foundation, a non­profit organization devoted to transforming the way humanity experiences their own personalized life, health and happiness.

Matt has already touched the lives of thousands of people, as he is now focused on building a community of visionary leaders, healers and changemakers from around the globe to incorporate the holistic mind­-body-­spirit connection into the world to transform lives and the future of humanity.

Hear what other participants are saying:
“The people were so phenomenal. You don’t get collectives like this in any of the other trainings, and I’ve been to some awesome trainings! The team is a ‘go to’ team, always ready and highly supportive of everyone, very nurturing! Even though I’m a therapist, every therapist needs care. In just a few days, I was transformed! I most enjoyed the vast amount of information and the integration of this information, to make it so real and make it tangible … the education that you receive is phenomenal, we literally put into action the plans that we want to use to change the world in our own way. After many years of struggling to get my team, my work, and the global effect that I want to have out there, I have just been given – in 4mins flat – how to’s, that have just blown me away, so yes! My life has been impacted greatly in such a phenomenal way!”

Nadia, Quantum Therapist, Australia

“This is an amazing experience at every level. The sessions with Matt and the team… but also looking into all areas of life and how my biology affects me. I’ve been behaving exactly the opposite of my natural biology. Now I am understanding myself! I was drawn to work with Matt because I definitely wanted to contribute and make a change in the world yet I felt lost in a way and I didn’t know how to take action to implement my vision in a way that would be aligned. Here, I learned a holistic approach on different aspects of our everyday life that helped me be more congruent and feel aligned. It helps having the support of people on the same path, in order activate the activities and actions you want to take moving forward. What you want to do is doable and there is a massive team to support you in doing what you came here to do. The people who are here, are the type of people you want to be with for the rest of your life. If you really have a drive to turn your thoughts and dreams into actions… this is the place. Just do it.”

Esteban, Business Consultant, Argentina

“I got way more than I expected! I can finally say who I am, and why I am here on the planet, I have tried to answer those questions before and I couldn’t, now I can. Matt helped me so much, plus with the team and the groups’ presence, acknowledging me, supporting me, everyone is so accepting, each person in the training was approached from a personal point of view, without any judgements, it was really impressive! I now have a project that I want to do at the university, that has to do with health. I’ve been very interested in health for a long time! Now I can see the way that it all fits together, how food and exercise can be incorporated into the university successfully, particularly for students. And even better, now I have a team of support people who I can count on to work with me! We are changing the world together.”

Sharon, Events and Admin Coordinator, United States of America

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