ph360 is evolving.

From Web app to mobile with a tonne of new features. ph360 is evolving. Shae™ is your Virtual Health Assistant.  Intuitive, interactive technology that manages your health for you. Shae™ follows you through every day and responds to you as your circumstances change (environment, stress levels, brain frequencies, blood readings, etc). Forget thinking about your health. Just be healthy. With Shae™.

Own Shae for yourself

Be one of the first to own ShaeTM and live in optimal health every day. ShaeTM is currently being funded on Kickstarter where you can pledge to pre-purchase your ShaeTM for immediate access as soon as it’s ready. Click the Learn More button below to read all about Shae’s new features and how you will never have to worry or even think about your health again!

ShaeTM makes everything easier.

Full food suite: never think about diet again.
Real-time health advice for all areas of life.
Fitness training tailored to your and your sport.
Connect with wearables for actionable advice.

Create a healthier planet

Our mission is to transform the health of the world. With ShaeTM we are well on our way. Support ShaeTM by learning more or join our efforts by clicking Get Involved below.