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It takes about 30 minutes to do the questionnaire and you’ll need a soft tape measure and your current weight to finish it off.  Once you’re done, your app has all the information it needs to build your avatar and calculate everything you need for your personalized Healthy Living Plan.
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Join us in your brand new community of loving, supportive, like-minded health buddies all experiencing the very same transformation as you. This is where you get to see exactly where you started, where you end up and share your experience as much or a as little as you like..!

Tips, tricks and support for an awesome Detox.

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Immediately! You can download it right away from the website and we’ll also send it to your email. When you read it, you’ll start to get how unique you are, and why doing what’s right for you actually works! There is no other program that can be as precise for your unique health. So please, feel free to share it with your family and friends so they can join you, and we can all be healthy and happy together!

Included in your Health Starter Pack...



What to do and when to do it in a simple schedule so you can feel your best every day!



Choose from the delicious recipes or find more tailored just for you in your online app!



Daily doses of mindfulness for relaxation, motivation, forgiveness and more!



Move your body as nature intended with fun daily activities tailored to your body.

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