Now is the time to become an expert in YOUR health!

And what better way to get involved than to share it with a friend!


We know that sometimes things are just easier when you have company so we’ve created a very special “Bring a Friend” price for you to learn ALL about your Healthtype and how to share it with the people in your life.
But not only that, we’ve included some fantastic bonuses for you too!
Book your next ph360 Mastery Series now and get:
  • Your pre-course 25-Video Training Package
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  • You bring a friend along for the entire package and all bonuses! And if your friend is not a member of ph360 yet, we’ll gift them a Membership Token for a year of ph360!


You don’t need to know who your friend is when you register. You may also bring a health provider or other health professional you know.
Simply click on the link below to book the next course in your area and
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Sydney, March 17-19

Brisbane, March 31-April 2

London, March 31-April 2

Melbourne, May 12-14

New York, May 12-14

Adelaide, June 9-11

Berlin, June 9-11

Vancouver, Aug 17-19

Sydney, Sep 1-3

London, Sep 13-15

Gold Coast, Oct 6-8

Melbourne, Nov 10-12