Discover the Latest in Personalised Health and Epigenetics

Join us for a free live event to explore personalised health and its application in every day business and life.
Next UK Event: London, Wednesday June 7th, 2017
Venue: TBA
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This live event is perfect for you if you are:
  • A health Professional supporting the health of hundreds of clients
  • Looking for ways to enhance your client outcomes
  • Eager to make a contribution to the health of your community
  • Keen to make money by making a positive impact on people’s lives and health
  • Struggling with your own health and happiness
  • Consistently finding fault in others and yourself
This is not for you if:
  • You are looking for a MLM scheme
  • You have no interest in health or happiness
  • You don’t wish to share health and happiness
  • You are happy to have the same results with clients you have been having and not enhance your outcomes or client experience
What is ph360 and Personalised Health?
ph360 is an online health test that calculates personalized health advice just for you. It tells you the best foods and lifestyle choices for you to be at your healthiest! So you can look good, feel great and love life.
How can I use ph360?
ph360 is available for individuals, can be used in-clinic as a supporting health tool by coaches, health practitioners and therapists and can also be marketed online as an affiliate program.
How can I make money from ph360?
  • As a health practitioner you have the opportunity to purchase bulk memberships to on-sell to your clients and design your own profit.
  • Become an accredited ph360 coach to be listed in our Coaching Directory and gain clients from within our community and be paid for your coaching time.
  • As an Affiliate you can earn commission payments on every sale made through your personalised online links, including memberships and other services like retreats.
  • As a member, you can also earn thankyou payments for sharing ph360 and the message of personalised health.
How will it change community health?
As each individual person experiences improved health, happiness follows. It’s a chain reaction – one person impacts a family, one family impacts a community, the health of your community can help to impact the world.
What will I experience at this event?
  • Empowerment – Learn about the basic HealthTypes – how we are all different, what those differences actually are and how they can affect you and the people around you in everyday life
  • Outcomes – What outcomes you can expect with your clients, your friends, family and even yourself
  • Strategy – How you can include personalised health support with your services in person or virtually and how to promote ph360 as an affiliate online right now to support your health and the health of your community
  • Opportunity – The chance to become a part of a global phenomenon in the revolution of health care and wellness
  • Future – How the future of health is changing: technology, personalisation, encompassing all aspects of life
Join us for a free live event to explore personalised health and its application in every day business and life.
Simply complete the form below to register