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What does that mean?

Future Generations are counting on us.

We are at a critical time in global history where pain and disease have become an epidemic. Our bodies and minds are immersed in a culture of virtual living, separation and disinterest, leaving many with a feeling of lifelessness. The great news is…people all around the world are ready to wake up and now is the time we’ve been waiting for.
From where we are, eliminating pain and disease may sound like an impossible feat. But if we go out to 2050 and look back, we have the technology to PREVENT pain and disease right now. As wholistic health pioneers, our generation may not experience this phenomenon fully, but with our help, our children and our future generations will have the opportunity to live a life free of pain and disease, empowered to focus on what’s most important.

Be the Change you want to See….AND SHARE IT!

Have you seen a movement go viral? A video on YouTube can reach millions of people in a matter of hours. This doesn’t happen magically. It happens because one person had an idea and began sharing. A community formed around the idea as it is passed from one person to the next.
We need your help to change world health. If each one of us share this page with our family, friends and colleagues, together we can reach millions!
We are asking for more in life…for ourselves, for our families and for the people we love. Join us as we take a quantum leap in changing world health. As a Community… we can achieve a world free from pain and disease!  

How you can Make a Difference…

Share with your Family, Friends and your Community via FB, Email, Twitter, Instagram, Carrier Pigeon…! Every little bit Counts!
Have a big list of people or know a like-minded person with a big list…This is the place where we get the word out to the Masses!
Do you have connections to Mass Media, Celebrities, TV..? Help connect your peeps with Matt to share our mission with millions!
Do you have expertise in Media, Blogging, PR, Social Media, Crowdfunding, Fundraising and more? Join our Team and make History!
Have a big list of people or know a like-minded person with a big list…This is the place where we get the word out to the Masses!
Just want to help and don’t have the time? Donate funds toward the prevention of pain and disease for everyone in the world!

The Next Step… What is the ph360 Personal Health Assistant?

Think of an app that guides you every step of the way through your health – but not just by saying you should eat this food…


Your Personal Health Assistant is like having a team of specialists in your pocket. It’s interactive, it’s real-time and it removes the burden of ‘trying’ to be healthy. Now reminders, real time notifications and compatibility with your wearable devices can guide you every step of the way to optimal health – without you even having to think about it!


Imagine waking up to an alert that tells you your bus route to work has more allergens that usual, so to avoid hay fever symptoms, you might like to try using another mode of transport..


Imagine an app that knows when your perfect meal time, and which foods are the best for you to eat tonight… and offers to search, order and have it delivered to you from a local restaurant in time for your ideal dinner time…


Imagine an app that pulls data from your wearables and gives you practical, actionable advice as to what to do next to enhance your health.
And So. Much. More. A complete revolution of Personalized Health. For Everybody.

Power Hour Activation


Vibrational Resonance

Personalized Meal Delivery

Plugin Wearables giving Actionable Advice in Real Time

Health Notifications on the Current Health Status of Your Body

What’s in it for me?



receive unlimited praise, gratitude, love, (did we say praise?) and energetic support from our team, and from the collective consciousness of the planet



receive inside info, invites to private calls with founder Matt Riemann, and loads more as part of the team!


bragging rights

receive official acknowledgement on our ph360 website and know that you are part of the team who will change the health of our world



receive FREE downloads and gifts to assist you on your own unique personal health journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is our goal?

To provide access to accurate, actionable and personalized health and wellness advice and information for every individual on the planet.
With predictive and preventative software, the combination of wisdom from ancient and modern medicines and advancements in biotechnology, we now know this is possible, and, more importantly, very achievable.

How will we achieve this goal?

Firstly, by providing the information for each individual. This we are already able to do and are doing with ph360.me.
But the real key to transforming world health is in behaviour change. When we can integrate behaviour change seamlessly into everyday life – then we see wide scale improvements in health and wellness and concurrent reductions in illness and disease states across the board.  
This behaviour change comes from a shift in the current health paradigm – when preventative measures become second nature – they are fun, stimulating, engaging, almost too easy not to do and best of all, results oriented.

What do we need to be able to do this?

We need to SHARE the message.
We need people like you to share the message of personalized health with friends, family, networks, media  – anyone who will listen to the mission and the goal.
We need the resources to expand and quicken our development. We feel a sense of urgency that the world needs this shift now, and it needs to come from a place of pure intention. At the moment, the expansion that is required for this to happen is just out of reach – so we need the resources: People. Money. Time. Support. to bring this revolution to the whole world.

What is the first step?

The first step is to provide the Personal Health Assistant. Your in-pocket resource to guide you through the choices in daily life that will get and keep you in optimal physical, mental and emotional health.
The first step is to get you healthy and happy, with the least barriers. The Personal Health Assistant provides that information in a way that seamlessly integrates into your daily life – changing behaviour in a fun, intriguing, simple yet engaging way.
To be able to develop the rest of the Personal Health Assistance, we are initiating a crowdfunding campaign.
We would love your help.

What kind of help do we need?

From social media experts to video editors, media connections, organisers, team leaders, PR, copywriters, UX designers, graphic designers, production managers to your every day facebook account holders…we would love your help!

Why are we doing a crowdfunding campaign?

Because ph360 and The Personal Health Assistant is for the people, about the people and about each and every one of us having the ability to control the future of our own health. It is time for humanity to step up – one step at a time – together. We want your help to make it and KEEP it all about YOU.

What's in it for me?

Aside from being a part of our incredible team and knowing that you’re making a HUGE contribution to the wellness of the entire human race… (if that doesn’t give you a little satisfaction, then we don’t know what will!) 😉 We will give you all our love & gratitude, you’ll have bragging rights by being featured on the ph360 website, have all the exciting milestone information first and be sprinkled with gifts to help you on your own personal health journey!

How do I get involved?

Simply complete one of the forms on the bottom of this page.
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for any help you can give  to help us transform the health of the world.

Super excited to get involved?

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