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85% of those who are coached for health achieve their goals or better, compared to 42% of those who go it alone. That’s why we’ve created personalized support just for You!

Diana’s 8-Part Virtual Coaching Series

Diana is a lover, user and success story from PH360 herself. In this 8-part Virtual Coaching Series, she shares tips and tricks to help you in your every day life along with simple assignments for you to fully understand and get the most out of your personalised program.

Normally $197

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8 Sessions of Virtual Coaching

What’s involved in the 8-Part Virtual Coaching Series? Here’s an overview of the topics you will cover!

Part 1: A Powerful start

Meet your Virtual Coach and talk food goals. Knowing why your foods are on your list helps you to ensure you have great motivation to get you going!

Part 2: Finding fitness fun!

You health is greatly impacted by how much your body moves but not everyone should be moving the same way. Diana leads you through your ph360 profile and discusses the best way for you to stay active.

Part 3: Discovering your Place

How to make small changes in your environment to positively impact your health.

Part 4: Getting in the Social Swing

Your social environment can help your health or hurt it. Diana guides you through your Body Profile to improve your social interactions to be best for you.

Part 5: You’ve got talents

Your natural abilities are determined by your unique make-up. Everyone has a slightly different set of talents – learn how to maximize what is natural to you.

Part 6: Your Mind

Your mind has qualities, strengths & weaknesses that are unique to you. As you learn about how your mind works, you can use the information to help you make good choices that will improve your health.

Part 7: Making PH360 a lifestyle choice

Ways to stay motivated and make the correct lifestyle choices for optimal vitality.

Part 8: Your future with PH360

Staying motivated, vitalised and supported in your future health!

The Process

What our members are saying

“I really needed something to help me get started and the 8 Part Virtual Health Coaching was perfect. In my own home, at my own pace and with such a lovely coach. It’s really helped me get on with it and stick to it!” Trish, SA
“I love it. I can fit it into my day for some extra support whenever I want – even when I’m brushing my teeth! Great help from someone’s who’s been there and done that.” Amanda, QLD
“Diana oozes support! Such a friendly face to greet me each week, and the extra support of the helpful email reminders was great to keep me on track.” Jules, CA
“The Virtual Coaching made so much sense to me and gave me a lot more clarity for my every day life. I usually get a little lost or overwhelmed with information but this was really clear & helpful.” Loren, VA

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Normally $197

Limited Time only $37!