Delivering You Real-Time Health & Nutrition Advice

via Interactive Voice & Text on your Phone, Watch or Computer.

Shae is your very own virtual health assistant, designed to communicate with you in real-time via interactive voice or text conversation on your phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, smartwatch, or any connected device.


Shae lets you know exactly what and when to eat & drink to be healthy, formulating advice 100% specific to your body, lifestyle and preferences – not one person in the world receives the same information.


Welcome to Shae: Health Without Thinking™ – finally you don’t need to know anything about health, or even remember your health, to be healthy.
Shae is for those who want to be healthy but don’t know what to do or where to start.. or for those who just want some assistance in managing their daily health.


Shae is for you if you want to:
Shae is NOT for those who wish to:
So if you are over 18 years old and want to be healthier and happier than you’ve ever been before, Shae’s algorithms and functionality are compatible with iPhone, Android, Windows, and YOU.
Shae was created by an international team of leading medical doctors, scientists and researchers who have been working on an evidence-based solution to prevent chronic pain and disease on a global scale for more than 10 years.


Shae has been making waves in the media since 2014. What’s all the buzz about? Read on to find out why we created Shae, what Shae does, how Shae works, and more.
Shae’s job is to know the detailed health status of your body at any given moment in time, and to decide what you need to eat or drink to obtain, or maintain, your optimal health.


Shae knows the imbalances or deficiencies in vitamins and minerals you may have that can affect the function of your vital organs, tissues or genes which can contribute towards disease or illness.


Shae knows what you need to be healthy and happy, will communicate this with you in advance in a fun and interactive manner, talk with your wearables, and will guide you to achieve the health you’ve always wanted without you having to even think about it.
Shae makes health so simple. Here’s how. Shae:
That’s right. Shae can pretty much do everything but eat your food for you. Thanks, Shae.
Shae was released to the public in June 2014 as, the world’s very first smart health technology with the ability to personalize your nutrition and health according to your epigenetics – the environment and lifestyle choices that influence your genes. In layman’s terms, this means the most accurate and detailed health information currently available, specific to your unique body.


This incredible pioneering technology takes scientific measures of your body, health, lifestyle and ancestry and utilizes advanced medical science and next-gen body profiling to crunch more than 500 scientific formulas and ratios and over 10,000 data points, considering filters in endocrinology, anthropometry, phenotypology and neuroscience to remove the need for any blood or genetic tests.


Described by Consumers Digest as “just like having a team of doctors and health professionals in your pocket”, Shae technology has been helping thousands of people in more than 17 countries to improve their stress, sleep, weight loss, energy, fitness and digestion while reversing signs of obesity, diabetes and heart disease, among other chronic conditions.
After 2 years of time-tested, life-changing results backed by our world-class medical team, we are ready to complete the technology that can deliver this personal health information directly to you on any connected device, in real-time, via your very own virtual health assistant. Welcome to Shae: Siri For Your Health™
We are the unhealthiest we have ever been in the history of humanity with over ½ of the world’s population currently overweight, suffering from pain or disease, or lacking energy and performance from their body. Why? Because no one knows exactly what they should eat, how they should think, when they should move, who they should hang out with, or where they should spend their time. Shae does.


With Shae, we now have the science, medicine and technology to identify, understand, and solve these problems for each unique person so we can transform our own health, the health of our loved ones, and the health of everyone on the planet.
Please join us to support our campaign and help bring Shae to life. We want to help you and your loved ones transition to a place of health and avoid the epidemic of chronic disease that confronts us every day. We now have the science and technology to make this a reality, but we need your help.
A healthy world is a happy world. A productive world. A meaningful world.
For ourselves, our children, and our children’s children. We all thank you in advance!
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We are a team of leading doctors, scientists and researchers that have worked for more than a decade in the pioneering field of personalized health. We have been helping thousands of people all over the world just like you to heal themselves from the preventable and often reversible symptoms that dominate our world today. Most importantly, we are a team of people who want to see a change in the health of millions of people in the world so we can all be happy and healthy together. Please join us.
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