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Personal Health Transformation Program (12 months)
Starts September 1st 2016. Cost $49/month or $497/yr.
ShaeFest price on July 5th is only $97/yr! or July 6th only $197/yr!
July 7th through to end of Indiegogo price only $297/yr!
One Full Year of our exciting New Personal Health Transformation Program. Achieve your health goals with freedom and ease. Your Health is your Life, not a diet pill or surgical incision. Let us hold your hand and make it so simple. Your full 12 months of transformation Includes:


  • Monthly Online Personal Health Workshop with an expert ph360 Trainer (live recorded in case you can’t make it)
  • Monthly Online Group Coaching session to keep you on track with your goals (opportunity to work with ph360 Coaches Live)
  • Live Hangouts with Jules to get you clear & focused to maximize your ph360 profile and results
  • Private Facebook Group membership where you can receive regular cutting edge content and connect with ph360 professionals about all things personalized health
  • Q&A’s with our ph360 Team for quick and easy answers to your personal concerns
  • Connect and Interact with your fellow ph360 family members to make new lifelong friends in our expanding Global Community
  • Renew your Health Transformation Membership annually at your initial sign-up price


Join our Global ph360 Community as we explore the depths of our body, mind and more. PLUS as a ph360 Insider, you will be the first to know about the latest in ph360, Shae and beyond. This is a global virtual program you may do from the comfort of your home, but you will feel like you are right there in the room with us!
ph360 Coaching Elite Certification
USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia. Cost $3497
ShaeFest only price July 5th $797! or July 6th only $897!
July 7th through to end of Indiegogo only $997!
Our World Class Health Professional & Coach Certification program for those who want to be on the inside track of personalized health. Learn the latest science and technology behind ph360 and what the Future of Health truly holds. Join Health Professionals from around the World as we shift global health on the planet.


This package includes:
  • Our 3-4 day Live Health Professional Training (attend in location and time of your choice – this never expires)
  • 12 Weeks of comprehensive online Health Professional Training
  • Mentor with our professional ph360 Coach & Practitioner Team
  • Career pathway to become a Ph360 Master Coach/Trainer
  • ph360 Coaches Corner – Your online Coaches Resource Center with everything you need for Success
  • You receive a full access pass to what’s behind the curtain of ph360. See 100% of the profile results
  • 10 Annual Tokens for use in your business, practice or with family & friends
  • Future Update Course Pass: Review at any future Health Professional course for only $97


Join our ph360 Global Family to spread the benefits of personalized health. Start your training when you are ready in USA, Canada, Europe, Asia or Australia. Use your ph360 Certification as a Coach, Health Practitioner or in your own Private Practice. Even if you only coach your family and friends…it’s so worth it!!
ph360 Health Retreat (plus 3 Months of Personal Coaching Circle!)
USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia. RRP over $10,000
ShaeFest only price July 5th $3997 or 2 for $6997! or July 6th only $4750!
July 7th through to end of Indiegogo only $4997!
*requires $500 down payment to secure, balance due 60 days before retreat
Immerse Yourself in ph360 from head to toe as we adventure through your inner and outer worlds. Leave behind that which no longer serves you and integrate new ways of being for a renewed sense of life and possibility.


  • 6 days and 5 nights all inclusive
  • Comfy accommodations in premier locations around the world
  • Your ph360 meals and snacks just the way your body prescribed
  • Daily Body Treatment chosen specifically for you
  • Expert Personal Coaching with our ph360 Retreat Team
  • Guided Sessions for physical, mental and emotional body
  • Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation, Movement and Exercise tailored for your needs
  • Activities and fun to activate your natural sense of play
  • Deep periods of relaxation as your conscious (and unconscious) stress dissolves
  • Three months of Monthly Private Coaching with your ph360 Coach
  • Three months of Monthly Personal Health Circle with your ph360 Retreat Team
  • 5 Lifetime Tokens for your Family and Friends
  • Future Retreat Pass: Return for another Retreat at the same lock-in price in the future
Join us for this haven to remember who you really are. Surrender to incredible tangible benefits; lifelong friends from around the world, joining a larger community of like minded people and best of all…bring the light within you to the world. It’s a win-win-win! 😉
Personal Healing Retreat (plus 3 Months of Personal Healing Circle!)
California, Bali, Mexico, Australia. Value $9,997
ShaeFest only price July 5th $8450 or 2 for $15997! or July 6th only $8,997!
July 7th through to end of Indiegogo only $9,497!
*requires $1000 down payment to secure, balance due 90 days before retreat
This is the Big Kahuna of Retreats designed for those who are ready for a more spiritual healing journey, to deeply heal all realms of their being; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


  • 8 days and 7 nights all inclusive
  • Locations chosen based on Energetic Resonance
  • 100% Unique healing program based on your individual needs
  • Healing Practitioners hand-picked from around the world
  • Multiple Personalized Healing Sessions per day
  • Gourmet ph360 Meals prepared by our onsite ph360 Chef
  • Activities and Movement designed to activate your body’s natural healing
  • Limited to 6-10 people per retreat
  • 1:1 Team to People for Maximum Healing
  • 3 months of Monthly Numinatus Healing Circle Calls to deepen your integration
  • 3 months of Monthly Healing Sessions with ph360 Healing Practitioners
  • 5 Lifetime ph360 Tokens for your Family and Friends
  • Future Retreat Pass: Return for another Retreat at the same price in the future.


This is our premier Retreat designed to hone in on your current condition and evolve to it’s highest form. The experience is indescribable and needs to be felt. You will be present like you have never been before. Get ready for Magic!
All New ph360 Health Incubator!
Located on Private Estates in Mexico & California. Value $14,997
ShaeFest only price July 5th $9997! or July 6th only $10,997!
July 7th through to end of Indiegogo only $11,222!
*Payment Plans Available… Email [email protected]
Spend 2 weeks playing and working with ph360 in an Estate Location. This is not a retreat…this is a full immersion living ph360 every moment of every day. This is participating as ph360 Family. This is waking, eating, moving, breathing, meditating, socializing, working and sleeping the way your body was intended. This is an intimate experience with Matt and the Team. This is an extremely limited offer of only 5 per 2 week period.


This package includes:
  • 14 days 13 nights all inclusive
  • On site Accommodations
  • Full Immersion in your ph360 and the ph360 way of life
  • All ph360 foods and daily activities
  • Lessons in food preparation and more
  • Meetings, Workshops and Treatments with the onsite ph360 Team
  • Spontaneous activities and gatherings


Incubator #1 – August 5th to 18th (Mexico)
Incubator #2 – September 2nd to 15th (California)
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