Enjoy your 5 Part PH360 Hangout Series with Jules!
Learn how to make the most of your Profile, navigating all the secret spots and so many helpful tips! This is an example of our small group coaching that you can become a part of!
Speciality Hangouts are also available! Check the Coaching Resources for more! ūüôā

PH360 Hangouts with Jules! Episode 1

Getting it right form the beginning – Your Personal Health Assessment and PH360 Profile!

PH360 Hangouts with Jules! Episode 2

Tips and Tricks for your PH360 Profile Рnavigate all the secret spots and get a great overview of what it all means!

PH360 Hangouts with Jules! Part 3 of 5

It’s time to get into the nitty-gritty¬†and discover neat ideas¬†for making the most of your PH360 Foods!

PH360 Hangouts with Jules! Part 4 of 5

Now that you know your way around PH360 – it’s time¬†to incorporate optimal health and wellness into every day!

PH360 Hangouts with Jules! Part 5 of 5

And to help you keep motivated on your personal health journey, join Jules for a little PH360 mindset!