Enjoy a full 5-night transformation of your body, mind and lifestyle to become aware, inspired and completely at home in your perfect body.
ph360 retreats boast an amazingly talented team of personal body workers, musculoskeletal therapists, health and exercise scientists, coaching and culinary experts.
Be completely inspired when you discover your unique and personal foods, activity, lifestyle and environment to maintain your newfound space.  But most importantly, when you understand the true connection between your body and mind, and embrace your uniqueness is the safe and supportive environment at the retreat – you re-discover your passion for a happy and healthy life! And the best thing – it all goes home with you!

What to Expect...

Your ph360 Personal Health Retreat includes daily meditations, hands-on bodywork, musculoskeletal treatments as well as professional health assessments, postural analysis, fully personalised meals & activities, fun and inspiring group activities and much more..!
So the question is, are YOU ready for this? A full week with the ph360 team to witness a complete transformation of your health, lifestyle and body.
Register your interest or buy now to secure your position. One thing we can guarantee – places will be filled almost immediately. So if you have tried and failed almost everything then this is what you have been waiting for.
We encourage you to act now and we truly look forward to seeing your new healthful body and hearing about your life-changing experience.


Our bodies retain information that we don’t even realize – from traumas to success to every-day habits – it is all ingrained within our cells.
During your Retreat you will receive personalized Bodywork from your team of professional therapists to release tension patterns, old habits and musculoskeletal dysfunction. Massage, Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Aromatherapy and Myofascial Release are just some of the modalities that may be used to release your physical structures.
The result? Relief from pain, thought and motor patterns to allow you to fully accept your body as a whole and create sustainable, lasting health moving forward.


So much more than just nutrition, during your Retreat you will experience foods that are prepared specifically for your body. When you update your profile the week before arriving at the retreat, your ph360 food team plans a menu specifically for you. From the type of tea to the time of day for a snack, your food becomes a ph360 dream.
But to make your retreat even more personalized, you can choose to experience your ultimate ‘every-day’ eating plan with your ph360 foods, or add to your retreat experience a special kickstart with a personalized detox. All foods are prepared fresh daily with strict attention to your personal profile.

Taking it all Home

Experiencing the satisfaction of total health and wellbeing is one thing and learning how to access that feeling at all times is an integral part of your Personalized Health Retreat. Your retreat is tailored so that you can comfortably incorporate your new found knowledge into your life at home – easily and effectively.
Leave feeling equipped with the skills and knowledge you need – from shopping tips and food strategies to creating your ideal space at home, creating a peaceful mind or how to surround yourself with the social network that will support you just as you need it from workshops full of simple, practical things you can slip easily into daily life.

Eating For Me

Creating My Haven

Meeting My Mind

My Ideal Activity

My Natural Gifts

My Energizing Society

My Purpose

My Phoenix Flow

Moving your Body

Physical activity should be an enjoyable experience and knowing how you naturally move is the very first step. Your Personalized Health Retreat walks you through, motion-by-motion, the way to exercise and keep physically active that suits you and your body right now – and as you change into the future.
Your activity practice is a daily focus, and because this is personal we will meet your current activity level – don’t worry you are in safe hands. This enjoyable and fun experience may range from breathing techniques and tai chi to explosive intervals and weight training according to your own personal health status and your natural body preferences.The specific time of day, your skill level and training goals, intensity and injury management are all considered in your personalized daily activity. There is no “Boot Camp” for everyone. Your daily activity is tailored to what your body needs right now.
One-on-one professional instruction allows you to experience how your body should feel before, during and after your exercise keeping you engaged and motivated to continue.

Your Perfect Place

Your Personal Health & Healing Retreat takes place in one of our stunning settings around the world. Simply choose the location and time of year that suits you best.
At every retreat you will find yourself immersed in lush surroundings, with our full-time staff at your service for anything you need throughout your entire stay.
Meditation, workshop and treatment areas are all on-site, so you can rest easy knowing your team are right there for support.
To allow those modern travellers a more comfortable stay, all our locations allow you to stay in touch with loved ones with WiFi internet access.
And if you want to totally tune out, the organised cultural events help you completely immerse yourself in health away from the details of everyday life with activities like water sports, treetop adventures, cycling, hiking, cultural excursions and much more..!


Inclusions: As specialists in Personalized Health & Healing, we organise your Retreat experience specifically for you. You will become part of a small group of individuals becoming empowered to live to your full potential. Your 5-night Retreat experience includes the following:
  • All personalized dining from the evening of day 1 to time of departure
  • All accommodation at the Retreat
  • All professional BodyWork therapy
  • All learning, integration and experience sessions
  • All assessments, reviews, updates and personalized integration of your ph360 plan
  • All organised activities during your Retreat

Extras: To ensure that we concentrate solely on your Personal Health Retreat experience, the following logistics are not included:
  • Travel to and from the Retreat
  • Local gratuities where appropriate
  • Shopping or spending allowances
  • Travel insurances

What to expect on your Retreat...

Day 1:
    • Arrive at the Retreat (Retreat commences 3pm local time).
    • Refreshments & Comfort.
    • Welcome and overview of your week: Creating a retreat schedule personalized to you the perfect  times to rise, relax, move, eat, play, plan, think & sleep.
    • Eating for Me: Personalized for you – understanding why your food is right for you.
    • Purpose driven lifestyle: Finding your Phoenix Flow
    • Discovering your distinct reward system.
    • Epigenetics and You: How to improve your current and future health.
    • Group Intention and Healing Initiation Ceremony: Drawing powerful healing into your realm.
    • Fun activities and interaction sessions.
    • Personalized Relaxation, Healing and Meditation
Each participant will experience their Personal Health Retreat in a different way as a combination of individual and group sessions. For example, Jenn and Sarah both attend the Retreat but their schedules vary ..

Jenn's Schedule

6:45-7:30 FITBURST
7:30-8:00 Smoothie Station
8:30-9:30 Individual Session
9:30-10:30 WALKIE TALKIE (Walking Transformation)
10:30-11:00 Snack
11:00-12:00 Group Workshop
12:30-1:30 Moderate sized Lunch
1:30-2:00 FITFLOW
2:00-4:30 Organised cultural event (Excursion)
6:00-7:30 Dinner
8:00 Group relaxation

Sarah's Schedule

8:30-9:00 Balance, Breathing & Stretch session
9:00-10:00 Cooked breakfast
10:00-11:00 Individual Session
11:00-12:00 Group Workshop
12:30-1:30 Big lunch
2:00-4:30 Organised cultural event
5:00-6:00 Small group workshop
6:00-7:30 Dinner
8:00 Group relaxation

Limited Positions

Limited positions are available to make sure your retreat is totally personalized to you.
An opportunity like this may only come once, so if it is your time, please go ahead and book your place… Your opportunity to achieve the true potential of your incredible body and experience true happiness and health.


Your Personal Health Retreat Only  $6997


Upcoming Retreats


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