Our bodies retain information that we don’t even realise – from traumas to success to every-day habits – it is all ingrained within our cells.
During your Retreat you will receive personalized Bodywork from professional therapists to release tension patterns, old habits and musculoskeletal dysfunction. Massage, Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Energetic therapies, Aromatherapy and Myofascial Release are just some of the modalities that may be used to release your physical structures. The result? Relief from pain, thought and motor patterns to allow you to fully accept your body as a whole and create sustainable, lasting health moving forward.


So much more than just nutrition, during your Retreat you will experience foods that are prepared specifically for your body. Utilising your updated PH360 food list, your foods are prepared fresh daily with strict attention to your highly ranked Foods to Eat.
Your whole dining experience tailored to your body’s needs. From the climate to the company, the time of day to the preparation of food items – all personalized for you.
It’s not just something you receive, you learn from the whole experience and how to incorporate your personalized dining into your own every-day life. From dining out to family dinners, recognising the simplicity of the dining that makes you feel your best empowers you to break old habits with ease.


To experience the satisfaction of total health and wellbeing is one thing, however to learn how to access that feeling at all times is the reason for your Personalized Health Retreat.
Your training is tailored so that you can comfortably incorporate your knowledge into your life at home.
Don’t worry – no assessments and no pressure. Our Trainers work with you in a way that is easy for you to understand and retain the information that you need.
Your personalized training includes the following workshops:
Eating for Me
Doing and finding time for my ideal physical activity
Creating my Haven
Discovering, Recognising and Using my Natural Talents
Creating my Energising Social Circle
Meeting my Mind
Consolidating my purpose
My Daily Routine
Finding my Phoenix Flow – Rising Up

Your Perfect Place

We all thrive in a certain climate – our bodies were made for it. We also respond differently when we are near certain environmental aspects – some of us may need to be near culture or civilisation, others may feel best with the fresh ocean breeze or wandering alone amongst tall majestic trees. Your Personalized Health Retreat would not be sufficient if it was in a location that did not suit your body.
Sometimes we inherently know what makes us feel our best, and sometimes we do not. Often we cannot move our entire lives to another city or country to be where our bodies thrive and sometimes, we willingly relocate to a place that puts our bodies under more stress. Your Personalized Health Retreat acts as an intensive rejuvenation to help you handle the daily environmental pressure when you are at home. In addition, your Creating my Haven training increases your knowledge and skill to create the environment that your body responds well to when you return home.
We hold Retreats all over the world regularly in Bali, Australia, California and Italy. Once you commit to a Retreat, we assess your personal needs and discuss options that suit your body perfectly.


Next Personalized Health Retreat: June 21st – 27th 2015, Bali, Indonesia.

Moving Your Body

Knowing how you naturally move your body is the very beginning. Your Personalized Health Retreat walks you through, motion-by-motion, the way to exercise and keep physically active that suits you and your body right now – and as you change into the future. Physical activity should be an enjoyable experience. Your activity is all tailored to the motions that your body is naturally inclined to do – keeping you engaged and motivated to continue.
Your activity practice is a daily focus – ranging from breathing techniques and tai chi to explosive intervals and weight training. The specific time of day, your skill level and training goals, intensity and injury management are all incorporated into your personalized daily session. There is no “Boot Camp” for everyone. Your daily activity is tailored to what your body needs right now.
On-on-one professional instruction allows you to experience how your body should feel before, during and after your exercise. And the skill to incorporate activity into your daily life is now yours with our unique training.


Next Personalized Health Retreat: June 21st – 27th 2015, Bali, Indonesia.

Inclusions and Extras

As specialists in Personalized Health, we organise your Retreat experience specifically for you. You will become part of a small group of individuals becoming empowered to live to your full potential. Your 7-day Retreat experience includes the following:
All dining from the evening of day 1 to time of departure on day 7
All accommodation expenses at the Retreat (Based on twin-share. You are welcome to upgrade to single if you prefer. Additional cost will apply)
All professional BodyWork therapy
All training and coursework
All assessment and review of your current PH360 personalized plan
All organised activities during your Retreat
To ensure that we concentrate solely on your Personalized Health Retreat experience, the following logistics are not included:
Travel to and from the Retreat
Local gratuities where appropriate
Travel Insurances
Personalized Health Retreats with PH360 are not simply another ‘get-away’.
The only health retreat personalized specifically for you, in every way, to ensure you are immersed in total health from top to toe and beyond.
Don’t dream it – Experience the possibility of complete health.

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