Designed for current and aspiring health professionals who want to:
Eliminate guesswork in programming and coaching
Build and secure better relationships with clients
Enhance your growing and sustainable business

Why do we need Personalised Health?
  1. No two people will respond the same to the same program.
  2. Even the same person will need a different program as they age – everyone changes, and so do their requirements for optimal health.
  3. Healthy foods & exercise aren’t the same for everyone. In fact, healthy for one can be dangerous for another.
  4. It’s more than just food & exercise. Mental health, social health and even the climate can influence health..sometimes even more than food!
  5. Your clients want the most up-to-date and accurate information…for them, today! And it’s available.

What is the Mastery Series?
This advanced personalised health coaching course is now widely accepted by many of the world’s leading health professionals as the best place to learn how the latest in health and medical science can be applied uniquely to each of your clients to help them heal from issues with sleep, stress, digestion, weight loss and also reverse signs of diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

Who is the Mastery Series for?

This course is for anyone who is passionate and interested in health, or for those wanting to better understand personalised health and apply ph360 insights to maximise the health of themselves or their clients. Please apply now if you are:
  • Personal Trainer
  • Strength and Conditioning Coaches
  • Current Health or Life coach

What does the Mastery Series involve?

In-depth view of personalised health principles, practical application of epigenetics to real clients, & integration of personalized health into your existing business

What do you receive when you attend and complete the Mastery Series?

By attending, you receive:
  • Personalised Health Manual for use with all clients at quick reference
  • Exclusive membership into the ph360 health professional community
  • Access to Personalised Health resources in: Lead generation, sales & client retention
  • Virtual support and guidance in applying this knowledge into practice
  • Live mentoring to assist you in using personalised health with your clients


At the completion of the course, you will be endorsed by ph360 as a ph360 Health Coach, including:
  • Your spiel and bio on the ph360 Health Coaches webpage with exposure to over 100 countries worth of ph360 clients
  • Access to the extensive and comprehensive ph360 health professional network
  • Ongoing training, support and development for you as you continue on your health coaching journey

By allowing you to experience the depth and power of ph360 and the incredible impact that is possible in your everyday life.  It then expands into your community with intelligent coaching techniques for your business, friends or family. Finishing with much needed real-world strategies for implementing these principles into a new or pre-existing business.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the information you learn at the Mastery Series is immediately practical with your next client. From initial conversations, accurate measurements, information interpretation, to ground breaking coaching strategies, when you walk out of the room after 3 days, you will know what to do!
  • Learn why different clients need a different program, and how you can provide and guide them through this information.
  • Understand how your communication style can be the difference between sales and no sales, clients adhering and not adhering, and clients staying with you versus looking for another coach or trainer.
  • Walk out with a plan on how to create a more sustainable business, and have live support and further learning to consolidate it all over the following months.

How is the Mastery Series structured?
3 Day Face-to-Face
Interactive Course

Learn from World Leaders in the implementation of Personalised Health using the world’s most advanced and accurate technology, ph360
  1. Understand the HealthTyypes, and the science of Personalised Health
  2. Learn the Behavioural change strategies needed for effective coaching
  3. Know the integration of ph360 into your business and how it can support your passion through increasing your profits

6 Weeks Online Live & Self-paced
personalised health coaching program

Have access to the most effective and practical coaching tools in the world to ensure your clients start and stick on their health journey with you.
  1. Live weekly calls to discuss case studies, coaching strategies and deeper information of the biotrends
  2. Detailed self-paced practical lessons in helping clients find their motivation and then continuing with their changes
  3. A large database of free business and coaching resources specific to ph360 in practice

What’s in the 3-day course?
Day 1 – ‘The Why’
  • Basic scientific overview of personalised health, genetics, epigenetics.
  • Understand how neuroscience, endocrinology, geo-medicine, embryology, anthropometry, semeiotics, ancestry and lineage, environmental science, chronobiology interact with genotype and phenotype to influence health conditions.
  • Learn how Western and Ancient medicines are combined to give more accurate information on the hormonal, physiological and general health state of the individual.
  • Know the different types of bodies, minds and behaviours so that you can determine the best foods, exercises, mental practices, physical environments, and when to use this information through the week or day for the greatest effect.
Day 2 – ‘The How’
  • Learn the details of how to coach people with different mindsets and motivations, based on their genes and ph360 profile.
  • Ensure you can measure the ph360 profiles accurately.
  • Business considerations for personalised health and ph360.
Day 3 – ‘The What’
  • Know how to integrate ph360 seamlessly into your current client list and business.
  • See and practice live examples of consultations using the ph360 program to ensure your confidence when you finish the day.
  • Plan for success – use the support and experience of seasoned ph360 health professionals to map your progression as a business and practitioner over the coming months.. ‘An action plan makes a dream into milestone’.
“Once we understand the concepts behind Personalized Health and the science and medicine that exists to support it, we can apply this knowledge simply and effectively to positively influence the lives of each and every person on the planet.“

– Matt Riemann, ph360 Founder

The ph360 Mastery Series

This is where your understanding of personalised health begins.
Where you can learn to make the most of your potential
by understanding what is truly right for you
allowing you to thrive..