Smart Health Is Personalized

ph360 is your Smart Health program: Unique, meaningful, actionable health and wellness advice – tailored just for you. ph360 uses smart data from your Personal Health Assessment and profile to help you live as your body intended: Happy and healthy.
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360 Degree

Lifestyle Wisdom

The ph360 dashboard provides personalized insights in the areas of food, fitness, mind, social, place and career, and allows you to track your progress and update so that you can receive the most current results tailored to you.

Healthy Decisions

Made Easy

We are all unique. We all have different needs. ph360 puts you in control with simple, actionable, and personalized food, exercise, and lifestyle advice you can use every day. And whenever your body changes, ph360 changes your results.

Powerful Data Collaboration

ph360 aggregates smart science and personal data sets from your body, health history, ancestry, environment and lifestyle, using 10,000+ data points to calculate your personalized health information. Developed by leading science and medical professionals over 10 years, ph360’s genius is in its simplicity for the user – all you need is a tape measure.

Health With Confidence

ph360 puts you in the driver’s seat: Real-time personalized health advice at your fingertips. Smart Health decisions based on smart data. Join thousands in finding your best self with ph360 today.
No contracts. No waiting. Unlimited updates. Your best you.

The Personal Health Revolution

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