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10 Day Booster Challenge

Enjoy more support and motivation in the 10 Day Booster Challenge with a new affirmation and activity every day! Access the Booster Challenge through personalized emails coming direct to your inbox and visit the Facebook group to connect and share your progress!

Self Massage eBook

Indulge in a unique art to maintaining your body’s physical health with your “Your Personalized Self-Massage Therapist” eBook. Take a tour of the Tuscan countryside while you gently whisk away all your aches and pains!


Food Made Easy

Explore culinary delicacies with a fusion of global cooking methods! The recipes you find in here you won’t find anywhere else! Each recipe comes complete with alternative options and suggestions for you to personalize.

4 Personal Health Meditations

Discover your perfect health with 4 amazing Personal Health Meditation mp3s with Spiritual Healer Angie Johnsey – Reaching Honest Self-Love, Discovering Your Own Truth, Projecting Your Mastery, and Finding Abundance.

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On the next page, you’ll make an account with ph360, the engine that does all the calculations to make your Starter Pack personalized to you.

Then the excitement begins! You will need a soft measuring tape, your current weight and about 30 minutes to complete the thorough questionnaire to create your profile.

Once your questionnaire is complete, you’ll have another day to prepare (things like reading the program, doing some shopping and getting excited) before your Starter Pack really kicks in!

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