What’s it all about?

Imagine yourself in a global gathering of like-minded souls…
Each with an innate knowing… I am here for a reason…
Uniquely supported epigenetically to be your authentic self…
Hidden gifts and talents activated…
Finding just the right balance so you don’t know the difference between work and play…
Realizing you are part of something far bigger than you could ever imagine…
Loving more, living bigger, laughing from within…
Shining for the whole world to see…
Just being You.

Are You a Global Ambassador?

Are you ready to feel alive, vibrant and fulfilled? Are you ready to unlock the secret to your health and living your full potential? A Global Ambassador is someone who is a living example of their epigenetic profile, a person who walks their talk and shines the light for others to begin their own journey of personal health.
When you join a Global Ambassador Retreat, you are immersing yourself in a new paradigm where everyone is honored and celebrated for being different. You are powering up your mission and purpose in life and being 100% who you are designed to be. You are committing yourself to reaching your full potential. You are making a difference in the world just by being you.
We are excited to share this unique personalized retreat experience that will activate your epigenetic blueprint for profound body and mind transformations. It will leave you feeling energized, grounded and loving the body in which you live!

Join the Movement

Our Global Ambassador experience is far more than a retreat. It’s a revolutionary change in how you live as a human being. We have created LIVE events around the world for Global Ambassadors because we want as many people as possible to love the body they live in, be who they were born to be and share it with the world. This is your invitation to join us on our mission to transform the planet. It happens one person at a time. So, fellow traveler, fasten your seatbelt and get ready to have the doors blown open on the life you only dreamed was possible.

Join us in the personalized health movement…
Make the unique and amazing difference you were born to make.


Book your Global Ambassador Retreat for only 2,997 USD 

Can’t wait to meet you! See you soon in one of our fantastic locations around the world!


Your 5-night retreat experience includes the following:
  • ph360 Annual Membership
  • Personalized cuisine
  • Personalized physical activity
  • Chronobiology immersion
  • Workshops and training sessions (and by that we mean playshops!)
  • Integration sessions
  • Assessments, reviews, and updates
  • Meditation & relaxation
  • Cultural excursions
To ensure that we concentrate solely on your retreat experience, the following logistics are not included:
  • Travel to and from the retreat
  • Travel insurances
  • Personal spending
  • Accommodation

Savour Personalized Cuisine

During your retreat you will experience food prepared specifically for your body to tantalize your taste buds, utilizing the high priority foods from your ph360 profile. It’s so much more than just nutrition! If you are new to ph360, you will receive a ph360 annual membership. A few weeks prior to your retreat, our ph360 Personalized Chef, plans a menu specifically for you. From the type of tea, to the amount of protein, to the time of day for a snack, your food becomes a personalized dream. All foods are prepared fresh daily with strict attention to your personal profile.
If you’re daring and you’d like to give a kickstart to your health overhaul, you may choose to experience your own personalized detox. We find it’s the best possible environment to detox as you’ll be fully supported by our ph360 Personalized Chef, Certified ph360 Coaches and Retreat Dream Team.

Energize Your Cells

Your physical, mental and emotional bodies thrive with the right movement for you. During your Global Ambassador Retreat, our professional trainers and practitioners, walk you through, motion-by-motion, your optimal physical activity. You will experience moving your body in the way that vitalizes you right now – and your ph360 profile will continue to update what is best for you, as you change, into the future.
Your physical activity is a daily focus, and because it’s personal, we will meet you at your current activity level – you are in safe hands. This enjoyable and fun experience may range from breathing techniques and Tai Chi, to explosive intervals and weight training according to your own personal health status and your natural body preferences. The specific time of day, your skill level, training goals, intensity and injury management are all considered in your personalized daily activity. There is no “Boot Camp” for everyone.

Discover Your Perfect Location

Your Global Ambassador Retreat takes place in one of our stunning settings around the world. Simply choose the location and time of year that best suits you. Our Retreat Dream Team is there for you, for anything you need from the time you register, throughout your stay, and even once you arrive back home.
All our locations allow you to stay in touch with loved ones with WiFi internet access… although we highly suggest you make arrangements to disconnect from technology in order to fully immerse yourself in your personalized experience and get the most out of your retreat. You will receive our contact number to share with your loved ones and workmates, so you can feel free to disconnect fully. We will have an amazing venue to learn in during the day, and you can find local accommodations nearby so you’re only a stone’s throw away!

Embrace Your Pace

Each unique individual will experience their own version of the Global Ambassador Retreat. You will be surrounded by people from around the world with all sorts of different bodies, minds, communication styles, talents, and geniuses. Your retreat schedule is personalized to you. Every day is unique. For example, Jack and Dani both attend the Global Ambassador Retreat, but their schedules may vary:

Taking It All Home

When we send you off to the life of your dreams, you’ll leave with more than just a retreat high. You will be a transformed person with a host of tools to facilitate your integration of mission and purpose in the world.
You will return home with strategies to utilize your natural tendencies to optimize your strengths, plus methods to navigate relationships with newfound understanding of yourself and others. You’ll be equipped with a plan of action to create your ideal home and workplace settings, choose foods that are right for you, and exercise the way your body intended.
And most important… you will have gained an incredible community of fellow changemakers who will support you, share missions with you and be friends for life!

Eating For Me

Creating My Haven

Meeting My Mind

My Ideal Activity

My Natural Gifts

My Energizing Society

My Purpose

My Flow

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Limited positions are available. Once you register, we’ll reach out to you with your Retreat Questionnaire where you will have the opportunity to share all about you, your health journey, and your goals, dreams, and intentions. We’ll send you everything you need to prepare for your journey.

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