ph360 Get Togethers!

Want to get together with like-minded people close to home – or even far away..?

What are Community Get Togethers?

This is an opportunity for you to meet in person, connect, explore new places and experience new things with like-minded people on a similar personal health journey to you. They may be live-in-person or virtual and are run by personal health Action Leaders, City Leaders and Mentors.

Where are Community Get Togethers?

Community Get Togethers (CGTs) occur around the world in homes, local cafes and places of interest. They are simply times for you to get healthy, uplifting social experiences and be involved in a positive community so you can support your own personal health journey and stay happy, motivated and well.

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What is a Community Get Together (CGT)?

A short occasion where like-minded people get together – for example, it may be held at a cafe, at a place of interest or a public workplace.

How long does it go for?

The duration of each CGT varies according to the plan – read through the descriptions of each to find out more.

When do they happen?

CGTs happen at random times throughout the year, some with plenty of notice, some with very little notice. Subscribe below to get all the notifications for CGTs in your local area or around the world.

Why would I go?

To connect, explore new places and get to know people who are on a similar journey to you.

What do they do?

A CGT might simply have a juice together at a cafe, talk about aspects of personalized health, visit somewhere interesting, or do an activity together. Read through the description of each individual CGT for more details.

Who runs them/will be there?

CGTs are run by personalized health Action Leaders, City Leaders and Mentors. This ranges from the founders of ph360 to your local city leader and health professionals. Anyone who is a member of the personalized health community (those who are interested in personalized health and have completed the Free HealthType test at is invited!

What will it cost me?

Cost may or may not be applicable and varies depending on the activity and structure of the CGT, please check each CGT description for more details.

How do i get there?

Travelling to and from (and accommodation at the CGT if required) is up to you. Each CGT will provide directions to the location of the event.
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