Honoring Earth’s Inhabitants on Earth Day 2016, ph360’s New Health App, Shae,™ Sets Out to Lower Preventable Disease Rates Around The World By Utilizing Convenience Health


San Diego, CA: A new health app is set to stun the health industry by offering personalized health for individuals to prevent disease and maintain health through everyday living. The simple, interactive app that makes health convenient promises the potential to improve the health and productivity of millions of people worldwide.
Shae™, likened to “Siri for your Health”, gives personalized health solutions based on your phenotype, the current expression of your genes, without genetic testing or sampling.
“Shae is the very first application to customize health specifically for your unique body and circumstances today” says Matt Riemann, Shae™ founder & CEO.  This 1 minute video shows Shae™ in action. https://vimeo.com/161845041.
Based on an individual’s unique needs today, Shae™ calculates 10,000 data points and 500 ratios to build a virtual avatar of the user. The app then connects with external data sources around the world such as local weather service and air quality reports to support an individual’s health and wellness in real time.
ph360, the engine behind Shae™, has been in production for over a decade and is already changing lives around the world: improving sleep, reducing stress, reducing signs and symptoms of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and chronic pain. “ph360 has been available for individuals for more than a year but it’s great we can bring convenience in the form of the interactive Shae™. It’s the right timing. People are fed up with generic health and we’re really happy we can finally provide an answer that is unique to each and every person” says Riemann.
But it’s not only the information that is important. Shae™ communicates with the user in a way that is customized to their neurotype (ie the way their brain processes information), allowing for natural behavior change with little resistance. “It’s often hard to change a behavior, but when recommendations are tailored for you to understand, presented simply, and in a way that is almost too convenient for you not to use, that is when effects are lasting” says Riemann. “We see fantastic potential to reach healthcare systems and even apply this into personalized education in the future.”
The team behind Shae is looking forward to providing personalized support to millions of people worldwide. “We are all unique, with different needs and talents. Once we understand those, we can maximize them – which means we all work together to function in a healthy society” says Riemann. “Our intention is to provide the technology to help improve the health of the individuals of our world to support a healthy, happy community, regardless of race, gender or status.”
About ph360: ph360 is the world’s first Personalized Health Program based on epigenetics, available worldwide. It provides personalized health insights that encompass your diet, fitness, environment, mindfulness, personal and interpersonal relationships, allowing you to tailor 360 degrees of your health specifically to you today. www.ph360.me


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