You are invited to join thousands of ph360 Global Founding Members as we bring you into the inner workings of ph360 with a

behind the scenes look at how we unlock the mystery of your genetic code to give you the freedom to be your true you.

Our Big Why

As a PH360 Lifetime Founding Member you are the foundation of our mission to eliminate pain and disease from the planet. We know that by joining forces with health conscious pioneers like you, we can bring personalized health  to more people , which will transform the way you and others relate to your own bodies and increase your ability to know yourself inside and out and increase your level of health and happiness


What is the Discovery Series?

The PH360 Discovery series is an online training course designed to kick start your PH360 journey. We’ll help you understand how to setup your profile correctly, share the essentials of our PH360 science and your epigenetics , and provide tips and tricks to kick start your results on your personal PH360 journey. And it’s your chance to get to know the PH360 team plus have a whole lot of fun!

There are 6 training modules in the series which include:

  • Secrets to updating your PH360 profile to get the most accurate results
  • Complete details to uncover all of the personalized information in your profile and get the most out of PH360
  • The science behind the food and how your foods are specifically designed to heal and optimize your body
  • A window into the many layers and data points of the PH360 program giving you confidence in your PH360 insights and the epigenetic enhancements which will help you thrive
  • Your first glimpse at the PH360 Biotypes and how this can revolutionize the way you care for yourself and how you interact with others
  • What the future holds for PH360, where we are going and how it will benefit you and those you love

We are committed to your expansion as an individual and supporting how you interrelate with  the world around you. This training will blow you away!