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Join us for 4 of the most informative days of personalised health you are ever likely to get. Understand how you can easily take the complexity of genetics and apply it accurately to yourself and your clients.
OUR MISSION: To end chronic pain and disease by the year 2050
The shape of healthcare is changing, the future of health has begun. Through some of the most incredible insights from our most advanced, and ancient sciences, truly personalised health is here.
Every individual is different, and to be in their best health they are going to need their own unique set of guidelines for how they eat, sleep, move, socialise, work and maintain relationships. Not only do we all have our own individual DNA, we all have slightly different ways of responding to our ever changing environment.
The climate, the season, where we grew up, our ancestry, our water supply, our work environment, our interactions with others all influence the way our body responds to the environment. So much so, that doing what is right for one person, can actually be quite unhealthy for another… very few of us recognised these differences or knew what to do with them. Now it’s possible!

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