Personalised Health in Practice

Whether you are looking to help clients through medicine, lifestyle medicine or motivation & coaching, learning that different people may need a different solution for the same issue is essential to their success and yours. The ph360 Mastery Series teaches you what you need to know to understand these differences and put them into practice.
Join us at the Mastery Series and be qualified to work with the
world’s most advanced personalised health tool.
This 4-day intensive training will unlock the mystery of your client’s genes to help them achieve their best results.
What you will learn over the 4 days…
  • Determine the best foods, exercises, coaching strategies, social conditions, and mindset factors that will influence the health of yourself and individuals you work with
  • Know the best timing for sleep, food, exercise and rest to reduce stress and increase growth and health for the individual in front of you
  • Understand how different clients will need different motivation, and how to use different strategies for long term adherence
  • Learn how the environment changes the health of an individual, and what you can do about it
  • Know how to promote yourself, both online and in person to create in
What you will receive over the 12 weeks…
  • A deeper understanding of the different ‘biotrends’ and using their personalised information to create change
  • A comprehensive coaching program specific to the different requirements of different brains and bodies
  • Discipline specific content to aid incorporation of ph360 into your current business model
  • Personal support while taking your first clients through their profile
  • Support and training for developing or enhancing your online presence and building your professional profile
  • 12 weeks of ‘living for your genes’ to experience the value of applying personalised health to your own lifestyle

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