Frequently Asked Questions


What does ph360 mean?

ph360 stands for Personal Health from a 360-degree perspective. ph360 supports your holistic wellness—not just on a physical level, but also socially, emotionally, environmentally, and professionally. Personalized health is the medicine of the future, and ph360 brings the future to you now, so you can be your happiest, most vibrant self.

What is ph360?

ph360 is a smart health program. The online platform delivers personalized suggestions for your mental and physical health, the food you eat, your social life and career, and the environment in which you live.

Based on a Personal Health Assessment and your body’s specific measurements and proportions, the ph360 platform synthesizes medical research, neuroscience, and anthropometry (scientific assessment of your body’s measurements) to deliver a 360-degree lifestyle report. This report includes your unique and dynamic Body Profile, complete with personalized health information.


What is the Science behind ph360?

ph360 uses complex algorithms developed by our researchers to translate the distinct relationship between your body’s measurements and physical traits to its physical functions, hormone secretions, metabolism, and lifestyle preferences. What goes into those algorithms?

ph360 uses anthropometry (scientific assessment of your body’s measurements), family history, and assessment of your lifestyle and environment to determine your phenotypic and epigenetic profile. Let’s break those last two down even further:

Your phenotype is the way your genes look in action—it’s who you are when you look in the mirror. The color of your hair, texture of your skin, the length of your bones, your height. Your phenotype is affected by what scientists call epi-genetics (things outside of your genes) Epigenetic factors describe elements that influence the expression of your genes from the outside, such as the environment in which you grew up and the unique stressors you experience. These epigenetic factors can actually change the way your genes express themselves, altering your phenotype—and your resulting Body Profile.

Your unique Body Profile will help ph360 project hormone and neurotransmitter activity. We can then provide information about how this may influence your diet, activity, mind and lifestyle interactions.

These suggestions are based on correlating thousands of data points for your optimal wellbeing.

How does ph360 use my phenotype to create my Body Profile?

ph360 considers the expression of certain genes through the measurement and analysis of specific physical features. These features are measured in terms of shape, length, body mass index, and many other proven ratios. While a genetic analysis may indicate predispositions for disease, a phenotypic analysis measures real ratios and current health indicators. This insight allows ph360 to create personalized lifestyle insights and to help you reach your lifestyle goals.

What is my Body Profile?

Your Body Profile is presented through six distinct lifestyle categories: MIND, FOOD, FITNESS, PLACE, CAREER, and SOCIAL. These details are derived from your answers to the Personal Health Assessment and your physical measurements.

Why is it important to know about my unique Body Profile?

Your Body Profile is a representation of who You are. Your muscles, Your bones, Your physiology, Your bodily functions, Your surroundings, Your friends, Your lifestyle. You are unique. You are different to anyone else. The manifestation of your Profile will be evident in your physical structure, behaviour, general attitude, and response to food and exercise. For example, people with certain levels of body fat and fat-to-muscle ratios will be able to sustain and endure specific training routines that could be damaging to others. These same indicators help ph360 provide you with information that will help you progress towards your wellness goals.

What do I need in order to use ph360?

All you need in order to use ph360 is a personal computer, tablet or smartphone, access to the Internet, your current body weight and a soft measuring tape.

What if I make mistakes when I’m taking my measurements?

ph360 is sensitive to every input so please take your time – the more accurate you are, the more accurate your results will be. For even greater accuracy, ph360 uses a smart platform, allowing for a margin of error in your measurements, and will even notify you of this and ask you to confirm or correct your results if you put in a measurement that is far beyond the range of what is considered normal in your demographic.

How can ph360 know so much about me—and what is best for me?

The measurements of your body (your height, weight, body mass index, the length and circumference of your bones, and their varying ratios) reveal a huge amount of information about your health, both on the inside and on the outside. According to specific algorithms developed over the last 10 years, we can use this data to correlate your unique profile with details about physical functions and imbalances, hormonal secretions, metabolism, and neurotransmitter activity. This then allows ph360 to offer insight into the best foods, activity, and lifestyle for you at a given point in time.

But wait, I still don’t understand how ph360 can offer insights based on my Body Profile without a genetic sample!

Genomic sequencing is generally performed through the analysis of saliva, and indicates predispositions to disease through complex assessment of your genes. ph360 takes a different approach by assessing your phenotype—the way your genes are expressed in your body. Genes for stature, for longer or shorter limbs, for hair color, for skin type, and for muscle mass are all expressed to create the way your body looks, right now. As you look in the mirror. This physical expression of your genes gives us a quantifiable way to measure you—from the outside in. So by using body measurements, your physical traits and a personal health assessment the ph360 wellness tool can inform you of your Body Profile without the need for genetic sampling.


ph360 & ME

What information will ph360 give me?

ph360 uses your Personal Health Assessment and measurements to give you information in six categories: MIND, FOOD, FITNESS, PLACE, CAREER, SOCIAL. ph360 will offer insights about your mindfulness, diet, exercise, environment, career, and social interactions that reflect your BodyProfile and your distinct needs. If you choose to implement ph360 into your daily life, these insights may help you achieve those wellness goals most important to you.

ph360 also changes with you, providing you with new insights every time your body or circumstances change – quantified via your Personal Health Assessment and measurements.

How can I use ph360 on a daily basis?

ph360 is a complete lifestyle tool that can help to change the way you think, eat, exercise, live, and enjoy life. Visiting your ph360 dashboard on a regular basis will provide you with personalized information about your MIND, FOOD, FITNESS, PLACE, CAREER, and SOCIAL life. These insights can help to bring your body and mind into balance, and may increase the flow of feel good hormones in your brain (like dopamine or serotonin). What can happen next? Your sense of wellbeing can increase, and you may begin to notice changes on both subtle and physical levels.

Whether you experience better sleep, improved energy, differences in your skin and hair, or changes in your weight, ph360 takes these shifts into account and rewards you for your progress. Every time something changes in your measurements or your Personal Health Assessment, ph360 will deliver new results and suggestions—it changes as you change.

How quickly after beginning to use ph360 will I notice differences in myself?

If you choose to take action on ph360’s insights, it is possible you may start to see changes in as little as three days. These changes may begin in your mind rather than in your body, with physical shifts appearing more commonly after two to three weeks. ph360 encourages you to consider mindfulness practices, which will support you as you to get to know your unique physical, mental, and emotional needs. Change is not always easy, but ph360 offers help tailored to your individual genetic and epigenetic makeup.

Why is it important to track my results?

Tracking your results on the ph360 platform shows you how the changes you make are affecting your body, your mind, and your life. When your body changes shape, you will see it change in the TRACK section. If you are seeing positive changes, tracking them can motivate you to continue your progress. If you are not seeing any changes, you may decide to reconsider your daily habits and whether they reflect the information ph360 has provided. Regularly recording personal changes by retaking your measurements and updating your Personal Health Assessment will allow ph360 to update your Body Profile accordingly, and to reward you with current food and activity insights that can flood your body with feel-good hormones and help keep you motivated and achieving your goals.

What if I already follow a specific diet (vegetarian, vegan, paleo, etc.) that is different from what ph360 recommends?

Please consult your nutritionist, dietitian, or medical care provider before beginning any new diet. Information offered by ph360 about the foods best suited to your unique phenotype and epigenetic makeup may help bring your body, hormones, and metabolism into greater balance. While certain individuals may follow a vegan or paleo diet as stipulated by their medical care provider, others may do so because of the diet’s popularity with their social sphere. Above all, it is most important to make dietary choices based on your body’s unique needs, not on current fads. ph360 will help you get to know your body—and your metabolism—better than ever.

Sometimes I have trouble sticking to diets and health plans—will ph360 be any different?

In a word: Yes. For two reasons: Personalization and rewards.

Reason number 1: Unlike diets and health plans that are one-size-fits all, ph360 uses your unique assessment and measurements to deliver suggestions that work with you, rather than against you and your epigenetic profile. By following your individualized lifestyle options, you will soon find those things that were once very difficult for you become easier.

And reason number 2: ph360 targets not only the most efficient ways for you to reach your personal health and lifestyle goals, but also the ways in which you will stay motivated throughout the process. As you make progress towards your goals, ph360 works dynamically to reward your achievements and encourage new benchmarks.

Is ph360 useful for everyone, whether I want to lose, gain, or maintain my weight?

As ph360 determines your unique Body Profile, it simultaneously determines the lifestyle most supportive to your personal wellbeing.In your Personal Health Assessment, you will be asked about your health goals. ph360 will provide personalized dietary suggestions and insights for optimal wellness in every area of your life tailored to help you achieve your goals. Please consult your medical care provider before beginning any new lifestyle program, including ph360.

Will ph360 give two different people with similar height and build the same diet and exercise plans?

Not at all. The ph360 platform is designed to differentiate between individuals that may have similar physical profiles but very distinct personal backgrounds and epigenetic influences. ph360 will deliver a unique Body Profile and lifestyle collation based on each individual’s anthropometry (scientific assessment of your body’s measurements), family history, and environment.

I have a health condition. Is ph360 safe for me?

Please consult your medical care provider before beginning any new health program, including ph360. The initial Personal Health Assessment you complete will inform us of your health conditions, history, and medications being taken. Anyone with specific health conditions or concerns should follow ph360’s suggestions only with the approval of a medical doctor.

How will ph360 provide me with different information from my medical doctor, physical trainer, or life coach?

ph360 should never replace the care of a medical professional.

However, while your physician, personal trainer, or life coach may have access to body composition analysis instruments, they will not be able to compute the thousands of data points and variables used by ph360’s algorithms. Synthesizing all mental, physical, personal, and environmental variables for which a specific food is best in a given climate is beyond human capability—it requires the proprietary algorithm developed by the ph360 team over the past decade. In other words, ph360 will enhance any care or advice you already receive.

How do I upgrade, cancel or make other changes to my membership?

Simply visit the Support tab from your ph360 Dashboard to request changes to your membership like upgrading, or changing details. You can cancel your membership at any time by clicking here and following the prompts. For other enquiries you can contact us [email protected]