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Providing the most up-to-date and personalised information to your client in relation to their best foods, exercise, motivation, social considerations, their sleep timing and best climate is now available through the use of advanced and accessible technology.
Understanding the principles of personalised health that account for genetics, the expression of those genes, and current health status and phenotypology is becoming the new standard around the world. Previously, calculating requirements based on these factors in real time has been prohibitive, however, with the advances of technology, the involvement of a global research effort, and the work of over a decade, it can be achieved in a little over 30 minutes in your clinic room.
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Free Medical Webinar Series:
The Advanced Personalised Health Overview
  • Learn about the sciences included for comprehensive personalised health
Principles and Case Studies in Personalised Health
  • 2 hours of detailed personalised medicine concepts from Alberto Garoli – Chief Medical Research Officer
  • Case studies from a practicing Accredited practising dietitian and Exercise physiologist
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The mission of ph360 Health Professionals
We aim to provide access for current and aspiring health professionals to educate themselves in, and practice, the best level of evidence-based Personalised Health possible.
Our Goals:
To provide the tools and resources that allow the most accurate & effective health guidance for health professionals and their clients.
To provide education and opportunities to support the growth and sustainability of the health professionals’ business.