Day 6

I give myself permission to do what comes naturally to me.

Daily Affirmation Video

They say that if it’s not hard it’s not worth doing… That taking the path of least resistance is the easy way out… Well, maybe life wasn’t meant to be difficult…? Maybe we make it difficult for ourselves because of the times that we live in..? Doing what we naturally do well lets us thrive. It makes us happy. Giving yourself the permission to concentrate on your strengths means you allow yourself to feel satisfied and fulfilled.

Activity for the Day

Choose one scenario from the past week or so where you’ve felt like you did something wrong. Take that situation and forgive yourself for it.

Then choose something you love to do and slot it into your calendar this coming week. Give yourself permission to follow through and actually enjoy doing it.

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A couple of things to think about to help make the most of your Challenge!

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Tips for Success

  • Know your 10 Day Health Starter Pack

    Read through your Starter Pack before you start. Watch the daily videos and be sure to join the Facebook group to ask questions and see how others are doing!

  • Optimize and Detox

    Detoxing your body helps to get rid of all the stress it’s holding so you can really optimize your natural gifts. Follow the schedule in your starter pack for the very best protocol for you!

  • Celebrate Your Wins!

    Keep your mind open and notice all the little things that change – from being easier to stand up to getting a good night’s sleep – celebrate each small win as you go because… well, why not?!

Share Your Progress

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